GWI – Gas und WΓ€rme Institut Essen

Gas- und WΓ€rme-Institut Essen e.V., more usually known by its initials of GWI, is based in Essen. It is a well-recognized research institute with a reputation reaching far beyond its home region of North Rhine Westphalia. Β Associated with the German gas industry, it was founded in 1937 under the auspices of the United Institutes of Thermal Technology (Vereinigten Institute fΓΌr WΓ€rmetechnik) In its capacity as an Institute for the gas sector, research work with a strong practical orientation is carried out to enable gas to successfully compete with other forms of energy.Β Today, the research and development work conducted at the GWI is concentrated into two departments; the first deals with appliance technology and fuel engineering, while the other focuses on industrial engineering and combustion technology. The accredited testing laboratory is one of the largest and most important in the gas industry in Germany and contact is maintained to large sections of the community of gas experts via the Academy.Β The GWI currently has 60 member companies, consisting of enterprises such as gas and energy companies, gas suppliers, manufacturers and trade associations. Today, almost 75 years after the GWI was founded, its activities are diverse and include almost all of the technologies with relevance to the gases found in the public gas supply, i.e. natural gas and gases from various other alternative sources.Β Well qualified and highly motivated employees, with the Institute’s powerful technology and excellent laboratory and infrastructure at their disposal, are on hand to address our customers diverse, challenging questions.


Op de hoogte blijven van circulaire economie en energietransitie

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