Dutch PET Recycling

The focus of Dutch PET Recycling is supplying recycled PET to the circular plastic industry. While trading in secondary commodities we are supporting local economic development.
Most of our suppliers are located in Asia. i.e. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia.
By using recycled PET from these countries we prevent worldwide (ocean) pollution and at the same time lowering CO2 emissions in industry as the use of recycled PET has a considerable lower footprint compared to virgin PET.
Our history in recycling goes back in time 30 years. This has resulted in a huge network and knowledge base in secondary commodities as PET flakes and (food grade) pellets. Furthermore Dutch PET Recycling shares her knowledge and experience in the set-up of recycling plants and facilitating machinery in African countries i.e. Tanzania and Burkina Faso, through her sister company Plastic Recycling Africa.
Our head office is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and with worldwide partners and local agents we serve the circular plastic industry.
Dutch PET Recycling will help you reaching the targets of Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.


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