The power of H2 cross-border cooperation

1 apr 2021
10:00 - 11:15

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Chances, ambitions and best practices of East Netherlands and West Germany. 

Join us on Thursday the 1st of April at 10:00 am! As part of The Future of Us, GO4Export / Oost NL and Kiemt will organize an in-depth session together. The theme of this event is hydrogen in combination with the opportunities between the Netherlands and Germany!

Discover during this online event the strengths of the cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany in the field of hydrogen. What are the highlights and the opportunities of both regions? What are the current initiatives and developments according to experts?

The speakers on the event

The power of H2 cross-border cooperation will be an inspiring show hosted by Wilko van Kampen, Enterprise Partner Xintc, and Jochem Garthoff, Programmamanager Energietransitie Kiemt. They will welcome the following guests during this show:

Ralf Weidmann  Head of Department Regional Development, Municipal Supervision and Economy of the administrative district Münster
Lars Baumgürtel ZINQ GmbH & Co. KG CEO and vice-president IHK Nord Westfalen
Tijs van Bree Deputy for the Energy, Environment and Labor Market portfolio, Province of Overijssel
Hans Brouwers High Tech & Industrie representative Deutschland, Projectmanager NL DU Startups X-Border
Tjardo Derksen Projectmanager Energietransition Kiemt
Christoph Almering Managing Director Euregio
Joost Verheijen Business Development Director Urban Mobility Systems
Philip Hainbach Head of Energy Policy & Government Affairs at Enapter


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